Forex Secret Trading

When it comes to such an abundant market like the Currency Exchange market which deals over 3 trillion dollars on a daily basis, everybody would love to know how to be a part of it. What can you do to take a piece of this abundant market? Is there any Forex Secret Trading tip that might get us to FxMastery faster?

The quickest path to becoming of Forex Successful Trader is the ability to understand the most basic rules in Forex Trading:

• discipline

• emotion control

• letting go

• focus on present trade only

• consistency

• hunger for success

• psychology of a trader

From the moment when we were toddlers we had to learn how to walk, we had to learn to obey most of those rules. Everything we learned as a new skill, we learned by applying all those rules. Why should the art of Forex trading be any different?

It is not. Once you are part of a Forex Successful Traders Community you will learn how each and every one of those rules apply to the proven path to FxMastery. You will be also helped by specific tools and software used by Forex Successful Traders in their trading on a daily basis - like the Profit Protection System.

The Law of Reversed Effect

Have you ever heard of the law of reversed effect? This might be one of the most well kept secrets in the Forex Successful Traders circles. Make sure you understand it in order to be part of this profitable community. It has been used in psychology for a long time. Nowadays hypnosis practitioners not only started using it quite often but swear by it. It is very powerful!

The law of reversed effect simply states that that the more you try the greater are your chances of failure. Doesn't that sound ridiculous at first? Your brain might even try to fight it off. Don't let this become too uncomfortable and let me explain what this law is actually saying.

Look at the statement of this law "The harder you try, the less you will succeed". Which one is the keyword? There is only one word in this law that you should pay very close attention to and that is the word "try". Try itself means failure or at least means that you expect failure - if that wouldn't be the case, you would simply "do" not just "try".

See how a simple sleek word like "try" can infiltrate to your unconscious and tell it that you actually are expecting to fail? What is the unconscious to do if not to obey and turn into reality, so you don't think you're crazy always expecting what is not there.

Stop trying and just do it!

This law is one of the reasons why the psychology of trading is so important for every Forex Successful Trader. If even one innocent 3 letter word that we use dozens of times a day can cause us to fail, we have to pay close attention to what we think, what we say and what we believe every single day before starting our trading day.

It is that important!

Trust yourself and trade like you are taught to do on a daily basis in the Forex Live Training Rooms. Plan your trade and trade your plan! Do not try, just do it! Believe in yourself.

Every morning before you start your day of trading you should bring yourself to high spirits by doing yoga, stretches, listening to your favorite song or inspirational video. Do not overlook it. It is as important to your mind as exercise is to your body, and we need our minds healthy and sharp and ready to focus on the trade in front of us, always!

Log into the Forex Successful Traders Community rooms and you will learn Forex Secret Trading tips every single day!

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