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My first reason for choosing to use SBI to create my web site was the Alexa rankings they are achieving. It made sense to me that the system worked.

Here is a quick SBI slideshow - see it is believing!

We all know that the first task for a successful web site is getting traffic, visitors to the site. I higher your site rank’s with the search engines the more probability you have of presenting your service product etc. But their system has a similar philosophy to mine. “Work hard, work smart and most important be honest, and your business will prosper”.

Secondly, previously to finding SBI, I had done a good amount of research looking for the right information that could help me create a busy web site, with enough traffic to present my service. And although I found plenty of resources that seemed like they could deliver, the cost was a lot more than what I was willing to spend at that time. So when I came across SBI and I compared the rankings from some of the sites developed with the SBI model and compared the cost for the system, it was a no brainer. SBI is blowing away the competition for a fraction of the cost.

Thirdly, I am a firm believer that for anyone to really have a chance to succeed in any new endeavor they must have a teacher, trainer,  coach, or mentor, but definitely some one helping and  guiding you along until you are ready to go on your own. And I found SBI has great support system with their online video step by step manual that can move you along the process. But for slower participants, like me, they offer a great consulting program with very patient and knowledgeable people.

Now I have to admit that I am not computer literate, so after a few months of working with the SBI system I hired an SBI consultant (Erik Kampe), to help me through the process. And I am so glad I did, because he cut my learning curve 100 times over. And with out his help my site would not be where it is today.

You don’t need to use a consultant but I made the choice to hire one because although SBI ‘s model is “Tortoise It” which encourages going slow and steady, I  was more like in the snail-toise mode, so I decided I needed to catch up with the tortoise, and hired a rabbit.   

Erik’s expertise has made live easier for me as we collaborate and develop the web site. This way I am able to focus on what I do best. And because I am entering a very competitive market, where there are a lot of big companies already in place generating plenty of traffic to their sites. I needed a little extra help from someone who could help me present a niche in that market that I know is not being addressed. And I found that the SBI methodology can help me provide to fill that need.

So if you like to keep an eye out for the site’s development and its progress, I welcome you to follow along at–  And don’t hesitate to post any questions that may help you determine if the SBI system  is the right one for you. 

Wishing you abundant success and prosperity,

Martin Martinez    



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