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II just read a sales letter for an Automated Forex Trading System that promises to make you a lot of money "without lifting a finger!!"

According to this sales letter, you make money on autopilot. automated forex tradingPeople are making money when the computer is turned on and when the computer is turned off.

And you don't have to know anything about Forex at all. It's an honest to God miracle. Or is it?

Even Automation Needs Someone Turning The Wheel!

The video in the sales letter is compelling, it talks directly to your most precious wants and desires. But that's just good marketing. Pay attention to the facts and forget for a second that you have feelings.

Be a Forex Successful Trader for just one minute and pretend you are trading.

What's rule number one when trading?

No emotions on the trading floor!

So, once you find a website that promises you riches without you "lifting a finger" go back to it once you strip yourselves of emotions and look at the numbers and all the facts provided:

You’d probably be better off buying a lottery ticket.

  • Check out the testimonials - do you have enough information on those people to make their testimonial believable? Can they prove what they are saying? Are they believable? How many are there?

  • Is there a Forex account that they feature? How can you tell it is real? Can it be an excel spread sheet anyone can put together with past Forex trading information?

  • Is there a recognized Forex Successful Trader telling you he/she retired from currency trading because this automated Forex Trading robot could do what he or she was doing and even outperform them (as this one website says)?

  • Look at the account they may have provided trading details on. Are there any losses?

    If there aren't any, it's fake for sure, and only innocent uneducated people would buy that. If there are losses, how often do they show up and what are the numbers?

    The one that I'm looking at barely takes any losses, but when it does it wipes out half of the account. Has this robot ever heard of stop loss levels?

    That alone would make you want to watch the robot's trades carefully. But then, you need to know about Forex and to get some hands on experience to be able to tell what it's doing. So, there goes the "no Forex knowledge, 'without you lifting a finger' and other promises.

  • What's the general vibe that this business gives you? Are the owners taking credit for it? Are they telling you their name, showing their faces and giving a believable testimonial?

If the price is reasonable enough for you to try the Automated Forex Trading robot offered without hurting your budget at all, go ahead and have fun trying those robots out and let us know if you ever find any that would do the job of a Forex Successful Trader without lifting a finger.

I can't wait for such a thing to show up on the market. Then I can only lift my finger to dial my wife's number to tell her to pack that we are retiring to Italy with everybody else who has bought this robot. Italy might get a bit packed, but they'll be glad to take us knowing there's no more need for the mafia, as a 100 dollar American Forex Robot makes you all the millions you would ever want without lifting a finger.

Until then, I will trust a Forex Successful Trader that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to make me into a Forex Successful Trader in order to build my Italy retirement plan, maybe even buy a small island in Greece.

The dream is in my own hands and I'm building it to my liking! So, should you!

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