Currency Day Trading Important Facts

Forex daily trading volume exceeds all the others financial markets by far. It's a very generous, transparent and abundant market that has a spot open for new Currency Day Trading fans every day.

Now you understand how easy it can be to make your dreams come true with the money you can make on this market.

The question remains, if Forex trading is so simple, why do so many traders struggle?

The word 'money' alone brings a lot of different emotions in everybody. When you actually start talking to people about their own money, now you're in a totally different ball game: emotions skyrocket! So, why would anyone think even for a second that they can keep their emotions off the trading floor right from the start? They can't.

It takes practice, discipline and self control - on a daily basis, even after years of experience. The two ugly headed emotions that immediately come with money are Fear and Greed. Fear will keep you away from trading when you need to be trading and Greed will push you to trade when you're not supposed to be trading.

It's imperative that you control not just those two emotions but all of them the moment you get on the trading floor and start Currency Day Trading.

Often overlooked, the psychological component of trading is vital:

1. Your daily morning ritual: physical exercise, stretching or a yoga session, an inspiring quote, song - it will push your energy level high

2. Only focus on pips (points), forget you are dealing with money

3. The outside world stops existing once you're on the trading floor!

4. Plan your trade and trade your plan! Always!

5. Stay with the present trade and when it's time to end your day of trading - just do it!

The lack of awareness is another big reason why the majority of Forex traders encounter difficulties. You need to know where you are, where you started and being able to see your progress.

Forex Traders fall in one of the four quadrants:

1. FxNewbie – a newbie in the world of Forex and the world of investment in general. The majority of Forex traders start their career at this level.

2. FxMindset – someone who doesn’t know much about Forex, but is a very good investor – be it in real estate, gold or other financial instruments.

3. FxMechanic – the ones who have a really good running knowledge of Forex, but are not too good at investing their money.

4. FxMastery – The Forex Successful Trader – with not only a high knowledge of Forex, but a very keen sense when it comes to investments.

It's important to be aware exactly where you are, so you know where you are headed. Goals are very important in life at all times to keep us sane, happy and focused!

Being a Successful Forex Trader - part of the FxMastery quadrant - is a doable goal. You just need to be persistent, passionate and disciplined.

Regardless of what sort of trader you are, the Sucker and Junkie Profits will always tempt you, which can rapidly deplete your account. Keep your emotions out and plan your trade and trade your plan! Become a Forex Successful Trader!

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