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by FxST Certified Chief-Master Trader, Armando Martinez

Use Forex Scalping Software like a pro! learn to day trade forex with confidence!Here's exactly how to use the best Fibonacci Grid Software - Watch the Forex webinar replay on the Profit crunching S.I.P.E METHOD on how to use Scalping software with a disciplined currency trading business plan.

Now, for some more Forex Scalping Software Vital mindset Information behind using software...

Imagine yourself on a gorgeous sunny day in a hammock on your own exotic island under a palm tree, with a pina colada in your hand listening to the smooth melodic waves washing the white sandy shore.

You have finally got the peace, happiness and money that you wanted by being a Forex Successful Trader.

But wait a minute, the picture drastically changes as the IRS comes to take your island away because you couldn't pay your taxes after you left.

You made the mistake of leaving your account to an automatic Forex Scalping Software that you trusted completely to try do just what you have done to get to this point.

In this case, you are definitely not a Forex Successful Trader and you have never been one really, because a Forex Successful Traders knows not to put their money and trading into the mechanical hands of a robot.

If Forex Scalping Software could trade as well as a profitable trader, we would all be living on our own island and the IRS probably would not be bothering you.

Be aware of the Forex Red Baron!

He is the Wizard of Oz, showing you tricks and tips, but behind the curtains he's just another little man with no special powers. He shows you that you can do it, but when you try to do the Red Baron trick, you crash and burn. Is maneuver is also called the Account Blow Up.

So, the question is why?

Well, it's because the Red Baron is going against the Forex Bully - the institutional investor - who's using stealth technology and highly trained pilots which all cost millions and millions of dollars, backed up by an office full of analysts.

The Forex Bully seduces young vulnerable traders who do not have the knowledge and experience to know what they are doing and where they are going.

Who is the Forex Bully

Who is the Forex Bully and how can you recognize him?

- the majority of FX Training companies, clickbank products and Forex brokers educating the masses to be frightened little retail traders

- he promises you can do the tricks he's doing but you don't have the technology (Wizard of OZ)

  • he does not build your confidence and help you trust yourself
  • he would go for the Junkie and Sucker Profits
  • he does NOT want to build a helping relationship with you like Forex Successful Traders do
  • offers the retail trader unrealistic & dangerous leverage options

Do not fall for the Forex Bully sweet talk. He couldn't care less about you. All he wants is to parade in front of you and then leave you high and dry.

If you are in the middle of the Forex desert and you feel like you are attacked by all those Forex Bully and other vultures of the Forex world, just step into the Forex Successful Traders oasis and we promise we are not just another mirage.

There are alternative options ... the biggest step you can make is trade with a group of like minded traders who share your philosophy and methods.

The Forex Successful Traders' community trades with a commitment of growing FxMicroProfits - they choose consisent profits over chasing the big junkie profit score.

They keep each other accountable to letting the trade come to them and tracking all trades with a ProfitProtection system.

Masterying Forex Scalping Software is one part of the success formula that brings in profits.. the objective is to repeat success over and over...

The daily Forex Successful Traders' Live Training Room is a place you can witness the strategies in action in real time with real traders using real forex accounts ...

You can witness how professional traders execute trades and explain the thinking behind it and the way to execute them correctly Live...

The cherry on top of this amazing cake is the Forex Successful Traders Community opened 24 hours a day, where traders at all levels share their ideas and experience. You can ask anything here and you will have your answer in no time.

Don't settle for a Forex Bully or you'll never last in the Forex world! Set your goals straight and join FxST Community to fast-forward your path to becoming a real Forex Successful Trader!

armando martinez

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