Forex Trading Courses for Novice or Advance

by FxST Certified Chief-Master Trader, Armando Martinez

More and more forex trading courses are becoming available for beginner and advanced level Forex traders.

The main differences between the forex trading courses offered, are generally on the depth of the curriculum, general recognition of the schools education and teaching methods. Thanks to the advancement in fast access internet, many of these FX trading courses can be presented over the Internet, allowing you to advance at your own pace. The same can be said for multimedia classes, which are delivered in a CD format and might be partly delivered as live online classrooms.

Cyber University is a trading school that was founded in 1993, and from the start focused on teaching the students to take advantage of the latest technological advances.

Although the focus is not on forex related products, the technical analysis and money management methods used and taught can be applyed to the FX markets as well. In addition, the schools main focus is teaching day trading methods, that novices to full-time professionals can apply to forex trading. To be able to deliver to high standards, the school requires that each of the instructors have at least 8 years of market experience.

The school teaches pupils either online or onsite. Even the online experience is one-on-one, as you can communicate with teachers in several ways. Onsite education offers traditional classroom environment for those that prefer to get hands on experience and guidance. The courses are offered in three levels: introductory courses, intermediate courses, and advanced courses.

Another forex trading course possiability is Trader Tech University, which offers courses to learn trading techniques, methods, tools and learning aides for futures, options, and stock traders. Therefore, those wanting to learn forex futures or options trading can get the most out of this course.

The most advanced type of education offered by the school is to offer a personal consultation service based on your own goals, to develop a portfolio of trading systems, markets and personalized money management plan. The courses are offered in packages with a duration between 10 and 50 weeks.

The University of Trading is proably the most well known school out of the others mentioned here. They have developed a working relationship with Chicago Board of Trade.

This school is especially beneficial for anybody wanting to learn about pit trading or wanting to start a career as a pit trader. Also, the school offers education for screen traders, from beginner to advanced levels.

The courses are offered as such that you can advance at your own pace. Another great feature is the school’s link with UOT Financial Services, a trading firm that can provide you with the market link required to launch your trading career.

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