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Introduction Online Currency Trading Strategies For Beginners

Here’s exactly what you need to know about Forex online trading education. FOREX Online Trading offers the average investor the opportunity of a lifetime if (and this is a big IF) they can discover the secrets to FX risk management.

Unfortunately, Forex trading often seduces unsuspecting amateur and pro investors alike into a speculation mindset.

Fueled by false promises and bogus trading systems promoted by marketers who hype the upside without any regard to risk management, FX can be a dangerous game.

But it doesn’t have to be…

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At one time FX day trading was only for the power financial players like hedge funds, major currency dealers, and the occasional high net-worth individual speculator. And you can be sure these guys had systems in place.

Thanks to the Internet-age and cheap computers, the average investors from the comforts of their home computer can have access to the same power tools the Forex pioneers had.

Without a doubt Forex online trading provides the ultimate path to generating massive wealth. There is no other market that quite compares.

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Very few forex Trading School courses actual go beyond forex mechanics and theory. Understanding terms and how to place traders with forex software, and reading forex charts are all important…

…But they are insufficient if you want to build a forex business.

Discover the secrets to FX risk management. Start on the path to becoming a top performer today. For your free information packet, simply fill in this form and click “Yes!”:

What Makes Forex Trading Different?

6 Unique characteristics of the Forex market give us a hint of the type of strategy required to be a successful trader:

  1. Extreme liquidity
  2. Trading volume
  3. Largest number of traders in the market
  4. Never shuts down – 24 hours a day (except on weekends).
  5. Gobal geographical dispersion
  6. Multiple political, economical and social factors affecting exchange rates

In this kind of game it is the FX trader who works a strategy to avoid losers who will come out on top.

The ones who chase the big payoffs may get lucky for a while, but in the end will fall hard to the constant variables of change.

As a full time Forex trader I speaking from experience.

There are only and handful of strategies that may help you exploit winning trades over and over again.

How the Forex Market Is Played

In a nutshell it offers electronic access to a decentralized $3.7 trillion per day market with 24–hour a day liquidity, 5 days a week.It really is the day traders best opportunity to make money with trades occurring by the seconds. minutes and hours of each day!

Combine that kind of liquidity and ease of access with 100 to 1 leverage (in some cases 200 to 1), and its not hard to understand the appeal to traders.

Who else can start trading with very little upfront capital in a league with central banks, hedge funds and professional speculators.?

There are a number of ways to trade foreign currencies.

  • Exchanges: You can buy and sell foreign currency futures and options on designated contract markets (exchanges)
  • OTC: You can also trade off-exchange forwards and swap, or the forex spot market (OTC).

The off-exchange forex spot market, also know as the cash market, or OTC market, is the largest segment, where more than $1 trillion trades per day. Spot forex trading requires a substantially smaller margin account, 1% and in some cases 0.5% is available.

Liquidity moves from nation throughout the course of the day, there are no standard contract sizes and prices vary from dealer to dealer. In some ways, spot forex dealers act as miniature exchanges.

There is a tendency for some to speak of rags to riches in the online currency market.And while there are many legitimate opportunities to make money in the forex market and many success stories, there are at least as many about those who have lost everything just as fast.

And that is what this web site is about, removing all the smoke and mirrors from forex online trading.

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